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Integrated Real Estate Services

Advice – Planning – Development – Management

We guide and accompany you step by step.
To YOUR property. A better property.

With our Europe-wide network of offices we offer you
– from the North Sea to Croatia’s Adriatic Coast –
real estate solutions from a single source.

We maximise the use and the value of your property by applying our market know-how, our many years of experience and our real estate expertise across the entire lifecycle. We base our actions on holistic and lifecycle oriented thinking with a focus on saving resources and reducing waste.

Our real estate development and implementation process delivers expert analyses, data and facts for your decision – in cooperation, where necessary, with the 900+ architects and engineers of the 11 Europe-wide offices of the ATP Group.

At the end of this process we guarantee you certainty regarding location, costs, commercialisation options and all permitting issues related to your real estate project.

We analyse YOUR situation.

Property Check

Whether it is an empty plot or an existing building – we analyse the current condition of your object and show you possible ways of optimising the property as well as profitable alternatives.

We ensure that YOUR project is a success.

Design and Construction Management

We also assume responsibility for the realisation of your project. In doing so, we combine strategic know-how with design and construction expertise. This offers you certainty from a single source.

We develop YOUR project.

Real Estate Project Development

The development of innovative real estate that generates growing revenue is our strength. And this work is rooted in our in-depth expertise and our holistic way of both thinking and acting.

To whom do we deliver our services?

We guide and accompany private and public owners, companies and investors on their journey to acquiring profitable and sustainable properties with an excellent future. We work together with them to ensure that their real estate project brings them the success that they desire.

Immobiliendienstleistungen für Eigentümer, Unternehmer und Investoren


Developers and operators of production, retail, logistics and tourism facilities


Owners and operators of buildings, objects and properties

Public Clients

Local governments of every size, statutory authorities, non-profit developers


Builders, developers, banks, insurance companies, institutional investors

We are objective and independent.

We are neither developers nor investors but, rather, service providers and our only obligation is to you, our clients. We provide you with neutral recommendations for action – free from any side deals. And we base these recommendations on clearly defined and transparent criteria.

Legal criteria

We identify all the influencing factors related to politics and building law at an early stage.

Technical options

We push innovative, sustainable and state-of-the-art solutions.

Economic considerations

Profitability is the basic requirement of any project – the investment must pay off.

Social aspects

We keep an eye on the social, ecological and demographic factors affecting all stakeholders.

Immobilien Check - Analyse Ihrer Immobilie