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Design and Construction Management

From our practice

Our client, a real estate investor in Vienna, had a run-down property, for which he wanted to increase the expected return. In a first step, we prepared a profitability calculation and a masterplan for the property. This led to the decision to implement the proposed solution.

We structured the project and presented the client with an overview of the steps and tasks that had to be carried out. Due to the complexity of these and a lack of internal resources, the client decided to commission redserve to provide Design and Construction Management services. Thanks to these DCM services, the client was under less pressure and could focus on making decisions. We carried out all our responsibilities with professionalism while, naturally, keeping the client fully informed at all times and in every phase of the project.

ATP architects engineers was actively involved in the delivery of all architectural and engineering services from the start of the design process and throughout the implementation of the project. This implementation was carried out in line with quality, timetable and cost objectives that were defined in advance via a Target Value Design process. As set out in our phase model, at the completion of each service package we reported to and supported the client in making decisions regarding open issues and approving subsequent phases. As the client’s service provider, redserve ensured that cost, timetable and quality targets – as defined together with the client – were also met during the execution phase.

The project that was handed over after 18 months of intense work met all the qualitative standards agreed at the start of the process.