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Property Check

We analyse YOUR situation.

A property should be able to withstand a crisis, retain its value and generate revenue. Our Quick Check allows us to assess whether your property meets these criteria. In doing so, we provide you with valid data about the risks and the performance of your property.

We also analyse potential changes, adaptations or alternative uses and show you new possibilities. We ensure that your property continues to work in the future.

Immobilien Check - Analyse Ihrer Immobilie

The objective of the Property Check

At the conclusion of our Property Check you will receive the basis for establishing a new perspective.

A perspective that offers you a clear view of solutions that involve potential changes of course. In order to ensure that your success is long-lived.

Analysis of
the existing
  • We examine existing documents and official decisions.
  • We clarify the parameters in terms of building and planning law.
  • We evaluate the development potential of your existing property.
Analysis of
the potential
  • We formulate possible development potential.
  • We estimate the rental or sales income generated by an alternative use.
  • We ascertain the approximate total investment costs.

We put our faith in excellent partners.

Because we know that we are only successful if we work together. For specialist analyses of tourist real estate we combine our know-how with the hotel and tourism expertise of Kohl & Partner. For commercial and retail real estate we trust the expertise of our sister organisation Mint Architecture.

Kohl & Partner
The expert team from the consulting company supports us with the latest know-how from the tourism sector.

Mint architecture
The specialists for experience-oriented architecture pursue an innovative and integrated approach to the development of room concepts.

We have jointly developed a tool that allows you to enjoy a comprehensive overview of your operation and your building or portfolio. This enables us to minimise your financing and commercialisation risk and to optimize the future potential of your property.

Analyse Nutzung Immobilien / Grundstück

A practical example of the Property Check

Our client had a large portfolio containing various buildings and properties with a wide range of uses. Due to a change in their real estate strategy we were commissioned to carry out a Quick Check. The objective of our work was to enable the client to decide, on the basis of objective criteria, which properties should be developed in order to optimise the sale price and which should be sold in their existing condition.

Praxisbeispiel Immobilien Check

We analyse YOUR situation.

Property Check

Whether it is an empty plot or an existing building – we analyse the current condition of your object and show you possible ways of optimising the property as well as profitable alternatives.

We ensure that YOUR project is a success.

Design and Construction Management

We also assume responsibility for the realisation of your project. In doing so, we combine strategic know-how with design and construction expertise. This offers you certainty from a single source.

We develop YOUR project.

Real Estate Project Development

The development of innovative real estate that generates growing revenue is our strength. And this work is rooted in our in-depth expertise and our holistic way of both thinking and acting.