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Practical Example of the Property Check

From our practice

Our client had a large portfolio containing various buildings and properties with a wide range of uses. Due to a change in their real estate strategy we were commissioned to carry out a Property Check. The objective of our work was to enable the client to decide, on the basis of objective criteria, which properties should be developed in order to optimise the sale price and which should be sold in their existing condition.

While carrying out this check, all properties were visited, an initial rough assessment of the constructional condition of the properties was made and the existing plans were inspected. In parallel with this, our specialists analysed the specific location factors and collected current market data on the basis of which they were able to assess the potential of a range of product ideas.

By combining the analysis of the constructional characteristics with the market data we were able to develop potential changes of use and upgrades to each property and draw up recommendations for a future course of action.

Praxisbeispiel Immobilien Check