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Real Estate Project Development

We develop YOUR project.

With our professional expertise and many years of experience we accompany our clients through all phases of a project. We work together with you to define clear objectives and discover new perspectives. In doing so, we always consider the entire lifecycle of the building.

The requirements on real estate development are extremely diverse. Economic upheaval, demographic change and technological progress mean that it is only partly possible to predict a building’s ability to maintain its value. As a result, in-depth knowledge and integral thinking and action are even more essential than ever.

Immobilien Projekt Entwicklung Wir entwickeln IHR Projekt.

We do not take any risks with YOUR project.

We know the market and leave nothing to chance. We always stick to the following key principles in our project development work.

  1. Clearly define the objectives BEFORE the start of design.
    The basics are always clearly established in advance.
  2. ALWAYS keep track of the total investment costs.
    All additional, financing and transaction costs are taken into account in the calculation of the overall costs.
  3. Make realistic estimates.
    Assumptions regarding market prices, areas and volumes are based on the actual situation.
  4. Know the market.
    The location study and market analysis provide reliable information.
  5. Understand the user requirements.
    We know the needs of the users and the object is also designed with enough flexibility for future changes.
  6. Calculate the development costs realistically.
    The use of resources is designed to provide comprehensive support for all stakeholders.
  7. Don’t economise in the wrong place.
    A perfectly conceived preliminary design protects you from unwelcome surprises during later phases of the project.

We navigate YOU. From start to finish.

We are the thread that guides you through the entire development process and provides all the important information. So that you can make the right decision in every phase.


Output: Location study and market analysis
Milestone: Client’s decision regarding continuing and deepening the process

Output: Feasibility study, preliminary appraisal of economic viability
Milestone: Client’s decision regarding continuing and deepening the process


Output: Product concept (use concept & calculation of economic viability)
Milestone: Client’s decision regarding the product concept (real estate concept)

Output: Masterplan
Milestone: Approval of the masterplan by the client


Output: Sales concept
Milestone: Client’s decision regarding the sales concept

A practical example of Project Development

Our client, an industrial company from Tyrol, owned a property that it no longer needed in the heart of the town in which it is based. The complex consisted of former storage and production buildings, for which the company could find no alternative operational use.

We analyse YOUR situation.

Property Check

Whether it is an empty plot or an existing building – we analyse the current condition of your object and show you possible ways of optimising the property as well as profitable alternatives.

We ensure that YOUR project is a success.

Design and Construction Management

We also assume responsibility for the realisation of your project. In doing so, we combine strategic know-how with design and construction expertise. This offers you certainty from a single source.

We develop YOUR project.

Real Estate Project Development

The development of innovative real estate that generates growing revenue is our strength. And this work is rooted in our in-depth expertise and our holistic way of both thinking and acting.