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Project Development

From our practice

Our client, an industrial company from Tyrol, owned a property that it no longer needed in the heart of the town in which it is based. The complex consisted of former storage and production buildings, for which the company could find no alternative use.

We drew up a comprehensive location study and market analysis in order to understand the relevant location factors and, hence, filter out potential economically viable uses. An initial pre-feasibility study showed us whether the key numbers justified further development work. The results were presented to the client in line with predetermined parameters and, as a result of the subsequent discussions, a process of prioritisation and legal consultations with the local authority, it was possible to determine the potential uses.

The development of a product concept enabled the key requirements to be formulated, the areas and functions to be determined and, thus, an implementation concept with realistic timetable and costs to be drawn up. In parallel with this, we established an appropriate marketing and sales strategy. This enabled us to attract not only the hotel operator but also commercial users to the project.

A central wish of the client was to generate several proposals for the architectural solution, as a result of which we organised an invited architectural competition. In order to guarantee absolute objectivity, we didn’t participate in either the pre-examination process or the jury meeting but, rather, commissioned an external partner to perform this role.

As the client’s representative during the execution process we ensured that all requirements in terms of cost, timetable and quality – as defined together with the user – were met.